My New Professional Wedding Photography Website

My New Website

My New Professional Wedding Photography Website

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my new website! I have spent several weeks sifting through my archives to select the photographs I think you’d like to view. The process has been interesting and meticulous, rather like choosing shots for a public exhibition.

My aim has been to help you decide if my style of wedding photography, family portraits, kids’ photographs or shots of events suits you. I hope I have succeeded.

My Vision and Mission

My goal is to be your photographer of choice, working with you to create the memorable photographs you’re looking for. To achieve this, I focus on natural, eye-catching images and friendly client service. I leave nothing to chance, make sure deadlines are met and deliver a product of the highest quality at prices that won’t overstretch your budget.

I serve clients across Perth, the South-west of WA and beyond. I value my relationship with my clients, and am pleased to advise that I’m often recommended to them by word of mouth. Others return to me for second and subsequent photography sessions.

I truly love photography as an art form – and I believe the quality of my work reflects my no fuss, fun-filled and down to earth approach to my profession.

Professional Perth Photographers Vision

My Favourite Photograph

Professional Wedding Photographers Favourite Photograph.

I’m often asked for my favourite photograph. My answer is always the photograph I’m about to take. Why? Because I like to focus all my skills on producing another image that captures the emotion of the moment and really moves you. I strive for the best – and then try to go one better.

For now, the photograph I’ve chosen comes from one of my most recent wedding photography sessions. Amy and Anthony are on the jetty at Point Walter and the wind catches Amy’s veil at just the right moment. I’m sure it’s a photograph they’ll value as much as I do.

My Favourite Wedding Venue

Professional Perth Wedding Photographers favourite wedding venue in Perth

My favourite venue for shooting weddings and family portraits is without doubt the University of WA. Those sandstone buildings provide a beautiful, Mediterranean backdrop with colour, perspectives and light and shade to die for.

And then there are the expansive lawns, the Tropical Grove and especially the magnificent old Moreton Bay Fig tree planted in 1932. Its outspread branches and gigantic trunk provide an inspiring backdrop to a family portrait shoot!

This photo of the Smith family illustrates perfectly what I mean.

Children Through the Lens

I love photographing kids! I enjoy the way they respond with such freedom to the presence of the camera. Their uninhibited excitement and creativity results in delightful photos. Even when they’re shy or occasionally being difficult, with a little patience and forethought you can produce some stunning shots.

When I involve groups of kids in the process and invite them to give me ideas for poses, activities or backdrops, they manage to come up with such amazing and zany ideas they’re a joy to photograph. I love watching their boundless energy as they do their thing and I let the camera work its magic.

Children live life to the fullest. When they’re happy, their laughter and joy is infectious. They’re never uptight or stiff when the camera’s on them. I can take a deep breath, relax and focus on capturing those priceless moments!

Annual Free Photography Session

Each year I like to dedicate a free photoshoot to a client who seems to me to be the most deserving. It’s not often I get a chance to help a fellow human being, but when I do it’s such a fulfilling exercise. It’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world that we take so much from.

I’m passionate about photography and it’s an opportunity to give something I value to someone who needs it. For me, it’s one of the best ways to show the world I care. I guess the most important reason I do it is because I can – it’s such a privilege to offer to photograph those that may not be able to afford the service.

The last 5 shoots have included 2 children and an adult with cancer, and a grandfather’s funeral memorial service.